Meanwhile, Book 1

written by Sophie Pozfizzle  •  published January 31, 2023
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She was in the background of the most famous magical story in history… but in her own adventures, she was the star.

Published: January 31, 2023

Length: 276 pages

Authors: Sophie Pozfizzle, Ezra Frost

Summary: Everyone’s the star of their own story. Even if they were buried in the background of the most famous story in history.

As Sophie Pozfizzle wrapped up elementary school in the suburbs of Chicago, her mom’s sudden job change whisked the family to London — and whisked Sophie into the world of magic. Tired of her life of anonymity (and finding herself in the background once again because of a particularly famous student at magic school), Sophie seized her opportunity to change things. She and some unlikely allies embarked on a thrilling quest for a small, valuable object hidden within the school.

Now an adult, Sophie is sharing her stories for the first time — and sharing how her adventures intersected with and strongly influenced the other, more famous adventures during her time at Scottish magic school.

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Sophie Pozfizzle

Sophie Pozfizzle, originally from the suburbs of Chicago, attended a famous Scottish magic school in the early-to-mid '90s. While she was an unnamed background character in that other story going on there at the time, she's now sharing the stories of her own adventures behind-the-scenes.